In 2013, a qualitative breakthrough was made in the history of the company – a complete reconstruction and re-launch of the foundry was carried out.

Сast iron induction furnace ICT-6МО2

Maximum volume: 6 t; Melting time 2-3.5 hours; Maximum reflux mass: 100 kg.

Induction furnace ІСТ-0.16

Induction furnace ІСТ-0.16 for melting of cast-iron and steel; Melting time 1-1.5 hours; Maximum reflux mass: 100 kg.

Induction melting furnace ЕГЕС-2.0

Induction melting furnace ЕГЕС-2.0 for melting of the cast-iron and different types of steel alloys, maximum volume: 2 t. Melting time 1-1.5 hours. Maximum reflux mass: 1500 kg.

No-bake shaping line «Omega»

No-bake shaping line Omega using furan resins;

Size of the produced items: L 1000 mm, W 800 mm, H 500 mm and maximum wt. 400 kg.

Maximum line productiveness: 15 items/hour


Shot blasting chamber for oversized castings, maximum wt. 100 kg

Shot blasting chamber PG20X35 / 5TR-2829; Maximum castings characteristic: L 2000 mm, W 3500 mm, wt. 5000 kg.