Dear ladies and gentlemen!

I am honoured to represent leading producer of metal equipment for oil, gas, automotive and extracting sectors of Ukraine with 60-years history of successful work – Turbogaz Uzhhorod, Ltd.

We are dedicated to production of an excellent quality sheet and tubular steel products and equipment that are used in energy industry, mining, industrial machinery, automotive sector and appliances for common use made of cast iron and steel.

Today, Turbogaz Uzhhorod, demonstrates production growth by developing new types of products and equipment that is adopted to customer needs.

The work we do proves that technology modernization, along with experienced specialists, competent technical support and investment creates conditions for further development and continuous progress.

We are keeping pace with time to meet all requirements of our customers, among which are: Subsidiaries of PJSC Ukrtransgaz, PJSC Ferrexpo Poltava Mining, PJSC Illich Steel and Iron Works, PrJSC Dniprospetsstal, PJSC Avtokraz, CKD Kutna Hora a.s. and other industrial enterprises.

Our professional team is looking forward for cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
Director of Turbogaz Uzhhorod, Ltd.
Yuri Bulitch

Our history

Turbogaz Uzhhorod, Ltd. originates from a small enterprise for production of household appliances, founded in the beginning of the XX century.

During its history factory was renamed several times “Victory”, “Uzhhorod metal-plant”. At the end of the 50’s production of residential gas stoves was started.

In 1966  company was transferred under the Ministry of Gas Industry and was renamed into “Uzhhorod Plant of gas equipment”. During period of 1967-1976 plant was expanded with newbuilt production areas, that includes: frame-welding, blacksmith, foundry, machining and pressing production.

To ensure efficient work of gas pipelines including Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhhorod in the period from 1983 to 1993 a Central Repair Base of complex gas pipelines Western Siberia-Western Europe was built with production area of 113 317 sq.m.

As a result, a product range became considerably larger due to production of gas turbine power plants, preparation units for gas transportation, downhole equipment systems, fountain fittings etc.

Industrial construction of plant was followed by the development of the residential and social sectors in Uzhhorod: more than 3600 apartments, gymnasium, medical facilities, kindergartens were built from full financial support of the factory.

From 30th of June 1998 enterprise was reorganized into PJSC Uzhhorod Turbogas.

Today, Turbogaz Uzhhorod, Ltd. located in the industrial zone of Uzhhorod city, that is 1.5 km from international road Kyiv-Chop.

The territory of the plant includes 4.8 km. of railway access roads. Border crossing point on the European railway is located at a distance of 4 km from the plant.


We are happy to answer!


Turbogaz Uzhhorod is unique by its production facilities and equipment. It is equipped with large-size metal cutting equipment.

The plant has a high-precision gear-cutting equipment, equipment for ion-plasma ensuring hardness of the running surface of the item in a melt discharge, which allows to do heat treatment of items as well as other sole equipment.

Development of new products is forced by the leading achievements of science and technology, modern technologies and materials that allows products to be used in different climate conditions from Arctic to Southern latitudes as well as in great depths.

Quaity of the products of Turbogaz Uzhhorod Ltd. will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Our Partners

PJSC Ukrtransgaz, Ukraine

PJSC Ferrexpo Poltava Mining, Ukraine

PJSC Mariupol metallurgical Plant, Ukraine

PrJSC Dneprospetsstal, Ukraine

PJSC AvtoKraz, Ukraine

JSC CKD Kutna Hora a.s., Czech Republic

PJSC Kiyivskiy sudnobudivniy-sudnoremontniy zavod, Ukraine

PJSC Berdichev machine-building plant “Progress”, Ukraine

PJSC Kiev electrical engineering factory

«Transsignal», Ukraine

Engineering company «Batys Munai Gaz», Ltd., Kazakhstan

Gazinvest, Ltd. Ukraine

Tysagaz, Ltd. Ukraine

Ukrbudgaz-Magistral Ltd., Ukraine

NPF Electron – T, Ltd., Ukraine

Turbomash, Ltd.  Ukraine

PrJSC Andezyt Ukraine

TD «Techcom», Ukraine

Convector plant, LLC., Ukraine