Metal processing and frame-assembly production includes: a machining section, a gear milling section, a frame-welding section, a forge section, a heat treatment section, and an ionization section. These units are used to perform all sorts and complexity of work on the manufacture of high-quality products.

Bulky part machining

  • Lathes SKD-63А, maximum item characteristics: Ø 6.3 mm, H 4000 mm, wt. 30 t;
  • Lathes SKD-32, maximum item characteristics: Ø 3100 mm, H 2100 mm, wt. 30 t;
  • Horizontal boring lath WOTAN Rapid, table size: L 2500 mm, W 3000 mm, machining zone: H 3200 mm, L 4000 mm, D 2000 mm; maximum item wt. 30 t;
  • Horizontal boring lath W 200; table size: L 2000 mm, W 2000 mm, machining zone: H 3100 mm, L 4000 mm, D 2000 mm; maximum item wt. 30 t.

Welding area

Welding works are carried out for high-pressure products 16 MPa.


  • Lathes, maximum item L 1600 mm;
  • Lathes, maximum item L 2000 mm;
  • Turning-mill lathes;
  • Lathes with CNC;
  • Drilling lathes, maximum drilling D 80 mm;
  • Horizontal lathes, maximum spindle Ø 200 mm;
  • Round-grinding lathes, maximum item Ø 620 mm;
  • Flat-grinding lathes, table size: L 4000 mm, W 1500 mm;­­­­­
  • Internal-grinding lathes, maximum item Ø 1000 mm;
  • Gear-cutting lathes, maximum item Ø 1200 mm, module 12 mm;
  • Milling lathes, table size: L 400 mm, W 2000 mm;
  • CNC lathe milling machines for processing of curvilinear items.

Gear-cutting lathes

  • High-precision high-performance equipment LIEBHERR L-402, L-652, L-902, L-1202;
  • Used for machining of the straight-tooth and slanting-tooth gears with maximum item Ø  1200 mm and module of 12 mm;
  • Provides the 4-th stage of precision according to the State Standard Specification 1643-72;
  • All equipment located in thermo-constant area.

Blacksmith site

Forged non-shaped packages up to Ø 400mm. Maximum package weight 320 kg.

Heat treatment

  • Shaft furnace: Ø 650мм, D 1600 mm;
  • Shaft furnace: Ø 800мм, D 2000 mm;
  • Bottom furnace: L 3500 mm, W 1500 mm, H 2200 mm;
  • Induction heating device СДО 20.35.20 / 11: L 2500 mm, W 2000 mm, H 2000mm. Pre-heating time: 10˚С – 100 ˚ С. Maximum characteristics: T 1130˚С., product wt. 6 t.


  • Ensuring hardness of the running surface of the item bearing friction of 600 to 700 HV 2, at the depth of 0.6 mm;
  • Heat treatment is performed using equipment KLOKNER KZ2000/3000-1000-450А type;
  • Quality control is ensured by the ultrasonic hardness testing device СН-6;
  • Hardness and depth of the nitride layer is measured on 5 samples by Vickers testing method using the Dia Testor RC2.


  • Hanging beam crane, maximum lift: wt. 5 t, H 9 m;
  • Crank sheet shears, maximum cut: T 12mm, W 2000 mm.;
  • Eccentric press machines: ЛЕН-25С, ЛЬОН-40С, Ленхен-100С, ЛДС-160С, АДІ250, pressure range: 25 – 250 t;
  • Crank press machine, maximum pressure 160 t;
  • Perforation press machine, maximum pressure 160 t;
  • Combined hydraulic press shears НВ5222;
  • Pipe bending machine ХОТ-110;
  • Sheet bending machine 3-2222Б;
  • Hydraulic bending press СТО-160, table: W 3150 mm;
  • Semi-automatic welding devices, voltage range: 400-500 А, welding wire Ø 2 mm; Welding devices, voltage range: 400-500 А, high pressure welding: 16 kPa.